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Welcome to COGITAS Business ClinicTM, your expert in Executive Coaching, Management Consulting and  Training.

COGITAS (pronounced co-gee-tass) aim to inspire business leaders and help them generate profit for their organisation, by leveraging all elements involved in achieving this ultimate goal.



Diagnose, treat, prevent – three words that capture the essence of what we do for organisations.  COGITAS Business ClinicTM is truly commited to deliver excellence in every single mandate. With value creation in mind, here’s a summary what we do :

Executive coaching & Management Consulting

Overview :  Inspire and guide business leaders, inject science into business.

–  Decision making

–  Problem solving

–  Strategic and operational planning

Business strategies

Overview: Provide answers to business strategy questions, related to the organisation, its resources’, processes, market, value proposition, as well as its internal and external mode of operation.

–  Acquisition & loyalty

–  Brand and communications management

–  Market and competitive environment

–  Performance management

–  Process management

–  Talent management



■ The expert on duty

Jean-Claude Tremblay, MBA

Chartered Administrator, Jean-Claude Tremblay is a graduate in management consulting, business administration (MBA) and holds several certifications in the field of marketing, HR and leadership.

Before he founded COGITAS, he was employed by leaders of telecommunications and retail operations, for which he successfully ran Sales & Customer Service operations, oversaw training strategies, headed the HR project management office, and led call centres operations with over 300 direct reports.  Additionally, having lead and manage the channel performance group, where he was the guardian of marketing and talent performance, he and his team oversaw the performance and activities of over 3500 employees located all across the country.

His values, his impressive field experience as an executive combined with his extensive training in consulting and business administration make him a reference in the field. Advisor-leader whose opinion is sought, Jean-Claude’s mission is to help companies generate profits, using a systemic approach.  Between running COGITAS and teaching talent management to managers and executives at Laval University, he is involved in several social causes close to his heart.


■  The permanent and on-call profesionnals

Cogitas Business Clinic ™ can count on efficient and dedicated Project Managers that play a major role in our operations. Our firm is also proud to have a network of dedicated
professionals who intervene as experts from time to time, based on the requirements that a mandate commands.


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